A movement against belts…

Let me state it very clearly that the sight of a belt on my own trouser is not only nauseating but very unpleasant to my eye.

A belt is proof of this phobia that PERHAPS the trouser might just fall off. I will therefore use every opportunity to remove belt loops on any trouser of mine that i set my eyes on.

BEING a minimalist that I am a belt is an extra accessory that i do not need since it adds clutter to an otherwise pleasant look, It does not matter if its a #OZwaldBoateng #PaulSmith or #tendai belt, a belt is a belt and therefore very unpleasant. In fact all belts are very very ugly.

However Fathers who believe they still need something handy to strike fear into their offspring can keep their belts for as long as they wish, but certainly not me.



#‎ZFW2013‬ ticket booth open all day today @ Sam Levy’s-Village! to Zimbabwe’s Premier Fashion event. Near Pistachio’s Restaurant, by the clock tower!
Debuting at ‪#‎ZFW2013‬ is Rumbie by Rumbie by Rumbie Muzofa. Rumbie Muzofa is a Zimbabwean Designer residing in South Africa.
In 2008, she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and Technology from the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria with a collective of 17 Distinctions and went on to receive a full scholarship for a Masters Degree.
She was mentored into business by Nkhensani Nkosi – Founder of Stoned Cherrie. Through this relationship, Rumbie has gained extensive experience working with buyers from South Africa’s leading retail stores.
She birthed her brand in 2011 and is currently pursuing her PHD studies under another scholarship award. Be sure not to miss her showcase on Saturday 31st August @ 18.00 alongside Pertkot Government! #ZFW2013


The venue for the model search is at 360 Restaurant located at the newer Sam Levy’s village. The time is from 09.30 – 13.00.

Tendai Mbofana


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The elements of a lost city

The elements of a lost city
rapped by consumerism
while her kids watch

A people identified by a man made history
to destroy their energy
sacred to their beings

it seems un real when said
but money has become
a tool to control society
in this 21st century poverty has got men and women
by the neck

could it be any other
to control a generation
blinded by monopoly
a game of thugs and heartless murderers

Art by Tendez 2012